Spark Group training gives people and teams opportunities to grow their businesses and careers through training. We will cover topics ranging from business planning and finances to product development. We will also provide training and workshops on key technologies that are impacting the technology industry today. Through this our aim is to spark ideas that will ultimately lead to new business creation.

Helping to Bring Your Ideas to life!

We believe that the best place for real industry growth to begin is in our schools. It is because of this that Spark Group is looking to partner with key schools in North Dakota to provide programs for students to find both technology internship opportunities as well as a clear path to bring a business idea to life. We are not looking to replace any existing programs you may have but rather work with you to tailor fit a solution that will bring value to your institution. We believe that this value will be realized through increased training options, startup incubation with potential sharing of investment opportunities, and increased interest in high-tech, business, and entrepreneurship degree programs. Contact us today for more details!