Spark Group startups is our incubator for new technology startups. Beyond pure technology startups, we are also looking for startups that infuse technology into major industries in North Dakota including agriculture, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, and energy. This program will take a two-pronged approach to incubating startups:
  • First, during an evaluation phase, we will work with the startup to ensure that they have a strong business plan, an understanding of the market, and a relevant product or service.
  • Second, once approved for funding, we will provide initial office space

Growing Technology Business in North Dakota

Do you have an idea that you believe could transform or disrupt a North Dakota industry through the use of technology? It could be in farming, oil and gas, power, manufacturing, or something else. We want to help you get it off the ground and/or help it grow. You don't even need to know how to build it! Our team has deep experience growing companies in the tech field. At Spark Group, we support you with all the resources you need to grow your company. Take a look below for the specific solutions we offer for businesses of all types. If you have an awesome idea, we would love to partner with you to bring it to life. Contact us today!